Welcome to Taika Jewellery point-of-sale in Helsinki Market Square!

You will find us in Helsinki Market Square every day during the summer time between 9 and 16 o'clock. (When bad weather, we are not there. Sorry for that.)

Our jewellery is mainly made of 925 sterling silver. We are happy for our design, and we get a lot of credit for that: it is special, but easy to be liked.

Come and see our beautiful products:

Our NATURE COLLECTION gets its inspiration of Finnish nature. Below you can see "Lily of the Valley" set. Lily of the Valley is the national flower of Finland. There are also other design in this collection like "Birch tree", "Lily" and "Cliff on lake".

Kielo-hopeakaulakoru ja -korvakorutKangasvuokko korvakorutKoivikko sormusKoivikko

Our BALTIC SEA COLLECTION gets its inspiration of Baltic sea, its surfs and waves. Pieces like "Surf", "Sandy Bay" and "Sails" belong to the collection.

Itämeri sarjaPurjevene-kaulakoruPoukama-kaulakoru

We also have jewellery with semi-precious stones, like amber, rose quartz, amethyst and onyx.

Meripihka sormusMeripihka-kaulakoruKorukivi-korutMeripihka-kaulakoru


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